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The VTET is basically involved in educating the people and spreading the awareness about road safety and better traffic management in the city of Vadodara. The Commissioner of Police, Vadodara city is the chairman and shri Babubhai Patel, a well-known industry person and chairman of Nandesari Industries Association is the president of this trust. Other prominent government officials, like the Collector, the Municipal Commissioner, the Road Transport Authority etc. are trustees. Apart from these officials, the local industrialists, businessmen and bodies like Federation of Gujarat Industries (FGI), Vadodara Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI) are also trustees of the VTET. At present, the trust has approximately 800 volunteers who help traffic police in managing the traffic of the city of Vadodara.

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At various times in the geologic past, the Earth had dense forests in low-lying wetland areas. Due to natural processes such as flooding, these forests were buried underneath soil. As more and more soil deposited over them, they were compressed.


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We believe in humanity’s intrinsic desire to create meaningful change in the world around us. We are here to build upon that intrinsic desire and make generosity more efficient and impactful than ever before.

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Establishment and operation

In the year 2008, based on the instructions of the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr. Narendra Modi, according to the order of the Government of Gujarat, traffic management in the city of Vadodara was carried out on PPP (Public Participation Project) basis.
Vadodara Traffic Education Trust has been formed for the operation of traffic regulation in Vadodara city by letter number M/ Nirmal Gujarat/405/08 dated 17/05/08 from the office of DGP Shri. In which to solve the traffic problem in Vadodara city, Vadodara through Traffic Education Trust in cooperation with the public.


Purpose and Methodology

Vadodara Traffic Education Trust / Public Private Participation Project (PPP) by accepting donations, funds, contributions from the public and recruiting traffic honorary servants by doing the following work from them will be very useful in helping the government’s purpose of public participation.
1) Efforts should be made for easy regulation of traffic in all forms.
2) To try to create awareness for traffic education among the public.
3) To make efforts to assist the police department in traffic regulation.